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Interior Design​

BIM Modeling

Project Management

Project Consulting

Technical Drawing

Project Implementation

General and Technical


Material, Quantity, 

Discovery and Cost


Field Organization Charts and Work Time Flow Diagram Preparation


Field Supervision and Consultancy Services


Our architects work alongside specialists in building design and engineering.

Nowadays, clients expect integrated total design solutions, and we provide both architectural and engineering services focused on compatibility. The aim is to enable technologically advanced design that is economic and responsive to environmental needs.

We have a chief design team service, where we coordinate all the design and execution work on behalf of the client. This brings clarity of leadership, making sure that overall project and client objectives come first, over any other concerns that may rise. This way, successful completion of projects is easily realized.


Heating Installation

Ventilation Installation

Air Conditioning


Hygiene Air Conditioning Systems

Precision Controlled Air Conditioning Systems

Fire Extinguishing System

Smoke Extraction Systems

Pressurization Systems

LPG and Natural Gas Installation

Steam Installation

Compressed Air Installation

CO2 Installation

Caustic Installation

Solar Energy Systems

Gray Plumbing

Rain Water Installation

Automatic Control System

Building Automation Systems

Mechanical Engineering

Our mechanical engineers provide solutions that increase the long-term value of buildings. Our focus is on energy-efficient solutions that contribute to sustainable building design

Medium Voltage Networks

Low Voltage Distribution System

Indoor Lighting System

Emergency Lighting System

Outdoor Lighting System

Outlet Sockets Distribution System

Grounding System

Power Factor Correction Systems

Lightning Protection Systems

Uninterrupted Power Systems ( UPS )

Diesel Generator Installations

Telephone / Data Communication Systems

Fire alarm Systems

Announcement/PA Systems

Closed-Circuit TV Systems

( CCTV )

Security & Controlled Access Systems

Satellite TV Systems

ELECTRICAL Engineering

Our electrical engineers provide solutions for buildings, any type of infrastructure, energy, water and waste utilities. Sustainable electrical engineering design is at the center of our services. We bring creative solutions to complex challenges that meet electrical project design industry standards.

We provide a wide range of services including electrical project design, engineering studies, design of preliminary projects, application projects, electrical project management, consultancy services, process and quality management.


Preparation of Tender Documents

Material, Quantity, 
Discovery and Cost

Field Organization Charts and Work Time Flow Diagram Preparation

Field Supervision and Consultancy Services


Project management ties together all activities on a project. All aspects of it are to be well integrated and managed in order to be within budget, on schedule and with 100% technical quality. Custom Design Company's project managers combine technical expertise with financial budgeting experience to provide creative, practical and sustainable management.

Through our systematic project execution process we verify all items with the client at milestones, and we know how to manage all aspects from engineering to procurement to construction and completion. In addition to our services, we also undertake tender documentation process and evaluation.

Autodesk Revit

Autodesk BIM 360

Autodesk AutoCAD

Autodesk Fusion 360

Autodesk Navisworks

Autodesk Maya

Autodesk 3Ds Max






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